"I have been a resident at 1010 Broadview Ave. since June of 1983, some thirty-six and a half years. I feel compelled to…thank you for finding a very capable, gracious and hard-working young adult to fill the position of superintendent…the lobby, front entrance, elevators and hallways have not been so well maintained in many years…response to service requests via work orders or phone replies have been exemplary. The recent building upgrades both exterior and interior have progressed without having to endure a prolonged state of disarray or excessive noise. In closing, please keep up the good work.
 Vincent Anthony Shany
I've lived here for 28 years and since the new management has taken over, I've noticed so many improvements. Things get taken care of quickly and without any problems. The Superintendent is very busy but always takes the time to listen and address any concerns. I really appreciate all that they do.    
Cavell Harvey
I have been living at 1524 Bathurst for 3.5 years and I am extremely happy with my space as well as the cleanliness of the building.  Turnaround time for repairs is quick;  the company is always responsive and professional. I feel at ease knowing that I live in a building that is being managed by a great property management team.         
Elizabeth A.